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Staying Informed on Your Child's Learning Progress

Learn how to stay connected with your child's learning journey through Canvas, your key to real-time updates and communication with teachers!

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Thank you to all our parents who attended our online or in-person Parent-Teacher Conversations at the start of term. Coming up at the end of this term will be access to mid-year reports, and then the opportunity for another round of conversations early next term.

How can parents stay connected with learning progress in the meantime?

Canvas course tiles provide information about what is being covered weekly in your child’s subjects, assignment dates and requirements, and of course regular written feedback on their progress.

Three Key Ways You Can Stay in Touch with Canvas

1. Feedback comments

You should be receiving regular feedback emails from your child’s teachers about their coursework, tests and assignments. To ensure that you are, please make sure your notification settings in your Canvas account are set so that Submission Comments and Marking notifications are enabled. If you move the Marking toggle to green, you will also get mark/score information included in those emails.

If you need help setting up your notifications, check out this helpful Canvas guide.

2. Checking in with Canvas to see your child’s grades and overall mark

By regularly logging into Canvas via our Parent Portal, you can view your child’s grades in all subjects and their overall mark in real time.

You can navigate to grades through the ‘View Marks’ option on the right-hand side of the dashboard, or you can enter individual courses and view marks for that specific course. Be sure to click the ‘Show all details’ button to see teacher comments, rubrics and the graph that shows your child’s score in comparison with the rest of the students who have completed that assessment.

3. Communicating with teachers through the Canvas inbox

Unsure about your child’s progress or needing more information to support your child’s learning? Use the Canvas inbox to select your child’s subject and compose a note to their teacher and reach out for more information. Messages sent through Canvas are also delivered through our College email network, so you can be sure your message will get to our staff in a timely manner.