Heathdale flower 17th September 2020

Stand Up with Yr 7s Tomorrow

Join Isaac and our Year 7s as they Stand Up for Little Lives tomorrow

Heathdale flower

I hope the end of this term brings hope to you all. My hope is that next term we will all be back together and that this will be a smooth and exciting time for all. It may be that some of your little ones are a little anxious about coming back. That is completely normal. We will do everything we can to make the transition back easy for you all – please reach out to your Homeroom teacher if you need a little extra help. We will of course be working over the next few weeks to refine these plans and timetables (taking the Government’s advice) to prepare us all for a safe return. If you have any questions at all please also ask.

Our Year 7 Secondary Captain Isaac Faure has been exploring the concept of hope with the School Captains in Year 12 at the Werribee campus. For the past 10 years Heathdale, primarily on the Werribee campus, has supported Rehoboth. Rehoboth is a children’s home in the Philippines that gives food and shelter to around 30 children who have no home. Isaac has taken it upon himself with the Year 12 captains to involve our campus in this worthwhile cause, too. On September 18th (this Friday) he and many of his classmates in 7C and others in the school are raising money for Rehoboth by giving up furniture for the day. They have set themselves a high goal of funds to raise, and as of today, have exceeded that amount! If you would like to join them and donate please go to https://littlelives.raisely.com/t/class7c or https://littlelives.raisely.com/isaac-faure

If you want to join in with them, we would love to see your ‘no furniture’ photos so please send them in to Melton reception. We would love to show the children and promote Rehoboth so hope for them becomes integrated into our campus, too.

I pray and hope this school holidays you get to rest. I know how hard you have all worked. The school holidays in many ways will also be different with lockdown continuing but I pray you will all know the peace of God and can at least relax a little.