Heathdale flower 19th August 2020

Slime & Science Help Us Stick Together

While scientists around the globe unite to find a vaccine, we celebrate how studying God's creation draws us together.

Heathdale flower

Regardless of border closures and lockdowns, there’s something exciting that’s linking schools and homes across Australia. It’s National Science Week!

As a global community we are actually witnessing some of the most exciting scientific advances the world has seen. And in Primary School, we’re discovering plenty in our own kitchens and backyards!

Firstly, our student-scientists in Year 2 have been busy making Oobleck and examining the properties of this strange semi-liquid matter as it stretches and sticks and grows, contracting and adhering to student hands, kitchen benchtops, and yes, sadly, carpets! Not to be deterred, our creative and developing science explorers have shown they are more than up to the challenge of this modern day, artificially-coloured and created substance. Had you visited our recent Primary Assembly along with your child last week, you would have seen some of these bold inventors of the Year 2 cohort, proudly displaying their gluey sticky matter with enthusiastic smiles plastered just like Oobleck across each smiling face. Great work young Heathdale scientists of the future!

Right now, in Australia and right across the world, the scientific race is on. Scientists are working across nations, collegially, professionally and tirelessly to find the answers for diseases that have created different paradigms and which we pray will be mitigated very soon. It is a timely reminder for our own students to see researchers working in universities and laboratories and leading the way confidently to be part of this cutting edge of research.

Perhaps a spark of interest and passion began in a small primary classroom many years ago, and from there the young student embarked on a scientific journey of discovery and rigour to become the best in their field.

This is not outside the possibilities for our own talented student groups. Our young students are well equipped to begin to investigate and be part of scientific solutions as they become involved in understanding this magnificent world God has created for us. A world he encourages us to be fully and positively involved in. I look forward to seeing our students continue to engage in their learning thought this fascinating time of discovery.

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