Heathdale flower 01st September 2022

Secondary Public Speaking Competitions

A round of applause to Stanway for stealing the show at our Secondary Public Speaking competitions! A special congratulations to our Best Speakers, Jewel Y (7-9) and Sharon U (10-12).

Heathdale flower

How would you feel about delivering a speech in front of 300 people? Our 10-12 and our 7-9 Public Speaking Competitions took place in the last fortnight, with students braving the stage with the aim of captivating an audience of their peers. Daunting for even experienced teachers!

Part of our annual House Competition schedule, our Public Speaking events require a prepared speech on a topic of the speaker’s choice and a short impromptu speech on a topic given just before they hit the stage. Testing confidence, wit and the ability to think (and speak) on your feet, our students enjoyed engaging the audience and driving home their message.

Jewel Y won best speaker for 7-9, and Sharon U took out the honours for 10-12, giving Stanway double-honours. Special mention should be made of David K for his hilarious impromptu on the fear of failure and an honourable mention for Mikhail T for his very engaging presentation in the 10-12 section.

Congratulations to all our competitors – we appreciate the craft and practice beforehand that goes into your presentations on the day. Our audience too learns a great deal about both the art of communication and the skill of listening and appreciating others’ ideas and opinions.

The House results are as follows:

7-9 Module

Stanway – 1st

Carey – 2nd

Judson – 3rd

Taylor – 4th

10-12 Module

Stanway – 1st

Taylor – 2nd

Carey – 3rd

Judson – 4th