Heathdale flower 23rd July 2021

Rockets All Week

The Annual Heathdale Rocket League World Championships are on again! Get behind your house and cheer on your team.

Heathdale flower

Blue Origin… Virgin Galactic… it’s been a big week for rockets, and our students aren’t missing out on the fun. This week, we commenced the second annual HCC Rocket League World Championships in the Secondary School. Rocket League is an online competitive game in which players use cars to try and score goals on a soccer pitch. The game can be played on any console or PC. Although at first it looks quite simple, the mechanics of using boost to fly your car requires a large amount of practice. Team work is vital in making sure you can present a strong defence while being ready to always switch into attack mode. In a round robin house competition, students will have this week and next week to try out for their team before the Championship Playoffs on the 4th of August. The whole competition will be live streamed so our Heathdale community can join in this fun-filled exhibition of student talent.

Mr Sega, Mr Tepace, Mr Folkes and Mr Deroon make up the commentary and special comments team that will be taking you through the events. Check them out in our promo video.

Students, feel free to jump online and soak up the free live sport on Stream, the Taylor and Stanway tryout event can be joined here: 28/07 – Taylor & Stanway starting at 7PM https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/6599b6c0-323b-45de-9339-2e548a88c2e8

We will send out a link to the championship matches on the 4th of August through our media channels closer to the date.

Get behind your house and see if Taylor can defend their World Championship Cup or if this is the year for one of the others.