Heathdale flower 03rd March 2022

Riches Beyond Compare!

Imagine having riches beyond compare. What does that mean to you? Mr Grace unpacks what this looks like in the world vs in God.

Heathdale flower

You may have caught the new series on Netflix called ‘Inventing Anna’. This show is essentially about how a New York journalist investigates the case of Anna Delvey, who’s birth name was Anna Sorokin.

Anna Delvey became an Instagram-legendary figure in New York, who presented as a multi-million-dollar heiress who managed to steal the hearts, minds and money of the New York elite. As I watched this series, I was taken by the extravagant lifestyle that she lived. She presented that she had riches beyond compare and anything and everything was affordable. What I also found fascinating as a by-play to the main story was how many others were also seeking and chasing this lifestyle that is based on having riches beyond compare!

After watching one of the early episodes of this series, I came across the following verse found in the New Testament Book 1 Corinthians 1:4-5: “I always thank my God for you because of the grace of God given you by the Jesus, for by Him you have become rich in every way!” As I sat with this verse and the pictures of Anna Delvey in my mind, I realised I was contemplating two very different types of riches; riches that can only be found in God and riches gained through material wealth.

I have heard it suggested that the Christian faith impoverishes people’s lives, curtails life’s pleasure and diminishes its joys. However, the writer of the New Testament Book of Corinthians, The Apostle Paul, would suggest that this is not so! He shares through his writings to the Corinthians, that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they become rich beyond compare! This is an amazing statement, but it is not one made in ignorance.

The Apostle Paul certainly knew what he was talking about, for although he had gone through all kinds of losses, adversities and dangers, he was fully aware that he had gained far more than he had lost. I remember one Biblical author commenting on Paul’s life by compiling a list of things Paul did not possess. As far as we can tell, Paul did not have a wife with whom he could share his love, yet over and over again he speaks of the Lover of his soul! In the New Testament book Galatians, Paul makes a reference to “the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”

He may not have had a home, but throughout the Roman Empire, there were homes where no guest was made more welcomed than Paul. And though he had no children or family, he spoke of ‘in Christ’ he had deep and supportive relationships that made them feel like family to him.

Belief in Christ Jesus resulted in Paul, as it does for every follower of Jesus, a positive enrichment of life. What Christ asks of us is nothing in comparison to what He has given us! To know Him and to love Him is to be rich beyond compare. My heart’s desire is that each and every member of this incredible community come to know the love of Christ and enjoy the riches He brings to us. We recognise as a community our identity is deeply based in Jesus’ love and this enables us to have a quiet assurance though there may be times when material riches are lacking the riches found in Christ as we follow Him are beyond compare.


Ross Grace
Executive Principal