Heathdale flower 16th March 2023

Relishing the Present and Looking to the Future

It is wonderful seeing students engage deeply and invest in their academic pursuits and extracurricular activities at school. From Happy Hat Day creativity to career profiling for our older students, it has been an energising fortnight at Melton.

Heathdale flower

Morrisby Information Night

Recently, the Year 10 students completed a Morrisby Profile which is a tool we use at Heathdale Christian College as part of Year 10 Careers Education. The Morrisby Profile can be used to assist students and families as they consider learning and career pathways.

On Tuesday night, we had a Morrisby Parent Information Session onsite for families in Year 10. Thank you to Mrs Vicky Bawden, Student Pathways Coordinator, for leading on this evening. The Information Night was one night of several that students and families will be invited to as this campus moves into providing the VCE beginning in 2024.

Thankfully the College is well-resourced to support families as we move into VCE. In addition to very experienced personnel from the Werribee campus, several of our own Melton campus staff are experienced VCE teachers. Additionally, both Mr Latham and myself have had much experiencing coordinating at the Senior School level.


While I am discussing resourcing, over the weekend an article appeared in The Age on the current teacher shortage. There are approximately 1000 teaching positions unfilled in Victorian Government Schools. Of course, there is also a shortfall in teachers in both the Catholic and Independent School sectors.

In the last newsletter, I noted Miss Ng was about to join our staff as one of our Year 1 Teachers. We are, indeed, thankful to the Lord for his continued provision of staff who share the same Christian faith that is the bedrock of this College. I write such things as I would like to encourage you to uphold the College in prayer, to be encouraging those whom you may know who share the same Christian faith as the College to consider joining our team.

Certainly, at this time, we are still looking for additional casual relief teachers, as well as having a number of other positions advertised on the College’s website. Your prayers are much appreciated.


Before I finish, there have been a few special events in the life of the campus over the past few weeks.

It continues to be wonderful to see students competing in sporting events. Among these events over the past few weeks students from the College have participated in swimming competitions, the Year 5 and 6 students have been involved in their summer sports round robin. Secondary students, last week, participated in interschool tennis.

Finally, although not long into their schooling journey, the Prep students had a Happy Hat Day on Wednesday 15 March. You have to marvel at the creativity! Check out some of them below.