Heathdale flower 11th May 2023

Recycle Your Bread Bags with Heathdale Werribee's Year 3-6 Recycling Initiative!

Join the cause by bringing in your bread bags and tags to promote recycling and sustainability while also helping our school gain exciting sports equipment!

Heathdale flower

Heathdale Werribee 3-6 Module has joined the Wonder Bread bag and tags recycling initiative! This program encourages schools to collect bread bags in collection boxes provided by Wonder, and then post them for free once a bin is full.

We are looking forward to participating in this initiative as it is a fun way to teach our students about recycling and the importance of sustainability. It also provides an opportunity for our school to earn points for every bin that we return, which can be exchanged for exciting sports equipment at the end of the program.

By participating in this program, we are contributing to a circular economy. The Wonder Bread recycling partner, APR Plastics, will manage the recycling process by emptying the cartons and recycling the boxes. The plastic will then be processed into an oil that can be reused to create food grade packaging.

We encourage all of our families to participate in this initiative by saving bread bags and tags and bringing them to school to be collected in the collection boxes.

We are excited to run the collection phase of the program during Term 2 and we thank you for your support!