Heathdale flower 11th November 2021

Proven Resilience

In case you didn't already know, our Primary students are incredibly resilient! We are confident of this by watching their comeback as returned on campus.

Heathdale flower

Why is it great to be back on campus and back at school? We asked our students.

1. We can see our friends

2. We can learn more

3. We can run and play together

4. We can see our teachers

5. We can make things in our specialist classes

6. We can walk around our school

7. We can say hello to everyone as they walk past

8. We can be brave try our best

9. We can wear our uniforms

10. We can do PE outside with Mr Zimmerman

It has truly been remarkable to see our students return with a new sense of courage and strength and lots of visible joy in being back on site.

Our students are incredibly resilient, it is officially proven! And this is not the first time we have seen evidence of this either. I have to confess, after some of the most difficult and challenging periods of community life, we had no idea we would actually see our students come bouncing back so enthusiastically in the manner they have. Once more, they are very ready for the school-wide experience, and in fact, ready for just about everything else too!

We know there are many stories and many opportunities to thank God for helping us all through this year. But right now, to see the students smiling once again, and to have teachers reporting that students in classes are engaged and learning, this just gives us all a sense of God’s amazing goodness and provision to our community. Our faith story and journey this year will always hold a special significance for each of us, and the story of our College. This message we are learning again is written into the words of our very own school song:

"God is our strength and refuge,

Our proven help in trouble;

And we therefore will not fear,

Though the earth should change.

Though mountains shake and tremble,

Though swirling waters are raging;

God the Lord of Hosts

Is with us, evermore."

Our great God is a strength-giver. He does not hold back, but promises us peace and strength in all circumstances as we look to Him. If we have learnt anything, it is that we can be thankful every day for the special gifts of joy, peace, strength and His everlasting protection from the concerns that can tend to shake us.

Book Week Dress Up Day

Thanks to all our parents who helped our students make the most of Book Week Dress Up Day. It's always a wonderful day for students and teachers! Students have often said ‘it's the best day ever!'