Heathdale flower 08th June 2023

Project Rockit Workshop Promotes Digital Safety, Empathy, and Positive Change

Year 8 students from our Melton and Werribee campuses attended a Project Rockit workshop, focusing on bullying, empathy, and resilience. The workshop empowered students to navigate online interactions safely, fostering positive changes and empathy among peers.

Heathdale flower

On Tuesday 6th June, the Year 8 students from both Melton and Werribee campuses came together to hear from Project Rockit, a youth organisation that speaks to young people about bullying/cyber bullying, empathy and resilience.

The workshop empowered our students to take charge of the challenges and possibilities of their interactions with others in person and in the online world, and students came away with a toolkit of strategies to lead safe and healthy digital lives, and to navigate harmful online experiences.

Students increased their awareness of the impact of their own online communications and wider behaviours on those around them. They were encouraged towards creating more positive and empathetic changes with their peers and their year level.

It was a fantastic day to see the students engaged and interacting with the presenters, as well as getting to know each other across the campuses.