Heathdale flower 28th November 2019

Principal Ratings & Little Drummer Dude

The Little Drummer Dude musical was a great success, my Principal ratings, well they weren't too bad either.

Heathdale flower

Thanks to everyone who came to see our production of the Little Drummer Dude. It was a wonderful time seeing the children up on the stage and using their God-given giftings to present a ‘percussively’-fun Christmas musical. The children were taught, and hopefully presented, that God can use them to do big and incredible things no matter how small or young they are with songs like ‘Not Too Little and ‘Worship the King’. The audience was packed and you all played your part of supporting parents beautifully. Thank you.

It is a tricky thing to put on a whole school musical and the children and staff approached the task with valour. They have been practising throughout Term 4 and we feel we struck a good balance between keeping our studies going and practising for the performance. We would value any feedback.

The children are tired but happy that their parents were so obviously proud seeing them so bright and vibrant.

It’s this time of year when the children are tired, emotional, excited and generally ready for a break. It is probably the same for adults, too. Over these last couple of weeks at school, it is okay to alleviate pressure on your children. For some parents, the holidays will bring dramatic changes in their children as they grow into their teenage years, so cherish those hugs and their need for you at this time.

A special thank you to the parents who gave so much to help the production go ahead. I have spoken over the year of how much we value parental involvement and it is invaluable at times like this.

I have to say; the video was a highlight for me – at least I didn’t score too badly as principal in the children’s eyes. Hopefully you’ve walked away with some highlights and special memories from our 2019 presentation night, too.