Heathdale flower 15th September 2022

Primary School Captains Report: Term 3

Achilles, one of our Primary School Captains, reflects on all the good things that Term 3 brought to our Primary Sschool community.

Heathdale flower

What better way to reflect on Term 3 than to hear directly from one of our Primary School Captains? Achilles tells us all about it:

“This term, we had a lot of fun. We did exciting things like dress up day, Book Week, Science Week, Father's Day, puppet shows, and we started new clubs like Chess Club, Dance Club and Debating Club. Also, our school musical for 2022, ‘The Sound of Music’, took place and many flocked to see the amazing show.

This term the leaders also learnt many things. These include learning about trust, extending trust, accountability, and kind ways to help and treat others. Some things that the student leaders have been doing lately have included helping to clean the sandpit and preparing for the Year 6 Graduation Day.

In conclusion, this term was fun, exciting, and educating.”