Heathdale flower 22nd July 2020

Primary Reading Challenge Results

Some students read over 50 books during the Primary Reading Challenge!

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The Primary Reading challenge invited Primary students across both campuses to participate in a fun reading challenge for Term 2 where they could read books of their own choosing and then submit evidence of their reading.

36 students registered and 25 submitted evidence of their reading. Many students read every day and some even read multiple books a day and even on the holidays!

The types of evidence submitted were audio recordings, photos of themselves reading on their own or with parents and photos of work they completed.

A special mention to S Ferre in Prep, and M Sidhu in Year 2, who both read over 50 books.

Mr Grace and Dusty joining in the Reading Challenge

Certificates of participation to those who submitted evidence will be handed to students as they return to Campus based learning.

Congratulations to all who participated and who found that they enjoyed reading as a leisure activity and fun. At Heathdale Christian College we use our reading skills for work that we do and sometimes it is possible to forget to relax and enjoy reading. To keep reading a life-long activity for both pleasure and work opens us to new worlds and ideas and keeps us learning and our brains active and vibrant.

Keep Reading!