Heathdale flower 12th October 2023

Preps Tackle Algorithms

Get a glimpse of our Prep students' exploration of algorithms in the modern curriculum, where they're embracing the digital age with confidence, creativity, and boundless enthusiasm!

Heathdale flower

It’s truly remarkable to witness the educational journey our Prep students embark on these days. The curriculum has evolved in exciting ways and one of the standout topics last term has been algorithms in Digital Technologies. Yes, you read that right - algorithms in Prep! It's a concept that wasn't even on the radar when many of us were in Prep, but today's students are thriving in this digital age.

The magic word in their vocabulary now? Algorithms. Ask your child what an algorithm is, and you'll likely get a confident response - it's simply a set of step-by-step instructions. Their understanding of this fundamental concept is blossoming.

At the end of Term 3, our young learners dove into the world of algorithms in creative and engaging ways. They followed step-by-step instructions to decorate smiley biscuit faces, draw incredible castles, and even had the opportunity to program Bee-Bots, our friendly little robots. It's been a journey filled with exciting challenges.

One of the highlights was watching our students program Bee-Bots to draw lines and shapes, and they didn't stop there - they even designed costumes for the Bee-Bots to wear during Book Week!

Once our students mastered the art of following algorithms, they took on a new challenge - creating their own algorithms for others to follow. The Lego challenge was an absolute blast and a testament to their growing thinking skills. Some of our young learners even declared it the “best day of their lives” - a testament to the boundless enthusiasm of Prep students.

The task was clear - create and design a Lego structure using only five pieces. Once their masterpiece was complete, the students had to draft step-by-step instructions for another student to follow. This peer testing process provided instant feedback, helping our budding programmers refine their algorithms.

We even introduced the concept of a "bug" in their algorithms, which they eagerly tackled with determination and creativity.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Prep students and their accomplishments. This journey has equipped them with valuable digital skills and fostered problem-solving, teamwork, and a love for learning. We can't wait to see what other exciting adventures await them on this educational path.