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Preparing for 2024 Transitions

As we dive into Term 4, we welcome student adventures, transitions and preparations for 2024! Explore our thoughtful Orientation process and class placement considerations, and trust in our dedicated team to provide the best education for your children.

Heathdale flower

We trust this message finds you well and filled with gusto as we embrace the start of Term 4 at our lovely Christian school. What an incredible journey it has been, and we're excited to share some wonderful updates and important information with you.

Our students have begun Term 4 with enthusiasm and energy, highlighted by the fantastic experiences of the Year 5 Camp last week and the Year 6 Camp this week, alongside the vibrant Cultural Day for our Years 3-6 students last Friday. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to both our dedicated staff and the parents who graciously supported these events. We're especially thankful for the exceptional parents who took annual leave to accompany our children on the camps — your invaluable assistance truly makes a difference. These camps provide a unique opportunity for staff, parents, and students to bond in a different environment, fostering lasting memories and connections.

As we dive into this term, we're setting our sights on the future and preparing for a smooth transition into 2024. We'd like to take a moment to outline the orientation process for the upcoming year.

Kinder into Prep 2024 Orientation Days: For our Heathdale Kinder children transitioning to Prep in 2024, we have planned two internal transitions into the Prep classrooms. Additionally, they have had opportunities for specialist lessons in Library and French. Our Head of Learning Module for K-2, Cathy Ryan, has been visiting for devotions. On the student-free day, November 17th, all Kinder into Prep children will come together in a prospective classroom for an orientation day to ensure school readiness, accompanied by a parent information session with morning tea. Further testing will be conducted in Term 1 on the first four student-free Wednesdays for Prep children. We will provide detailed communication with additional information for all parents.

Prep into Year 1, 1 into 2, and 2 into 3 2024 Orientation Days: Class trials will take place twice, and teacher handovers will occur for these transitions. In some cases, a third class trial may be scheduled. Our final K-2 Learning Module Assembly will include the graduation of Year 2 students. Our 3-6 Head of Learning Module (HoLM) and Year 6 leaders will warmly welcome Year 2's to the new module and inspire them with what to expect in their next chapter. For any students feeling anxious about these transitions, our Learning Enhancement team is here to provide support and guidance.

3-6 Module: For the 3-6 Module, teachers will manage orientation internally for the next year level. Year 6 students transitioning into Year 7 will have an orientation assembly organised by the Secondary school, in addition to their graduation ceremony. All Year 7s in 2024, both new and returning, will have an additional half-day orientation on Wednesday 31st January 2024, the day before the new school year begins. The Learning Enhancement team will also provide extra visits as needed.

Class Placement: Placing over 1000 children into 2024 classes is a challenging endeavour. We strive for transparency in our processes and use a program called Class Solver to assist us while adhering to various parameters. These parameters include ensuring a spread of abilities, striving for gender balance, accommodating more challenging teaching needs, and considering which children will work best with which teachers and peers. Our ultimate goal is to help each child reach their God-given potential.

We understand that some children and parents may experience disappointment initially, but we encourage you to see it as an opportunity to partner with us. It's essential to remember that a challenging year in one classroom does not necessarily predict the same experience in the next. Communication will be sent from your HoLMs for children to nominate friends, and if you have specific concerns about class placement, please email your classroom teacher or HoLM in advance. Once classes are set, changes are highly unlikely due to the multitude of factors involved. We kindly ask for your understanding in this regard, as even one class move can have far-reaching consequences.

We've spoken to many parents who initially had concerns about class placement last year, and their children have since had a wonderful year filled with valuable learning experiences. Trust in our dedicated teachers and staff to provide the best possible education for your children.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and let's embrace Term 4 with faith, hope, and positivity. We look forward to a fruitful and blessed journey ahead.