Heathdale flower 06th June 2019

Premier's Awards & Wynspeak

Our students have been recognised with a collection of great honours lately, including Premier's VCE Awards and runner up at the Wynspeak Public Speaking event.

Heathdale flower

Recently, two Heathdale students - Hannah Wang and Mitchell Fryer - were awarded one of the highest honours in the state for their VCE achievements. The Premier's VCE Awards recognises outstanding achievements in VCE results. With only 293 recipients across 87 subjects this year, we want to congratulate Hannah and Mitchell for representing themselves and our community through their excellence.

Nominations for Study Awards are based on a student’s most recent academic year study scores, and the number of awards for each study is allocated based on how many people are enrolled in that study state-wide. Students must have a study score of 46 or above to be eligible for an award.

Hannah is an incredible artist who finished school last year in 2018. She received her award for the Study area of Creative & Digital Media, and also took part in the Top Arts. 

Mitchell is still studying, having excelled in his Study area of Sport & Recreation last year as he completed Units 3 & 4 while still in Year 11. He is one of our School Vice Captains this year, and we're excited to see him develop as a leader while still excelling in the classroom.


Also representing Heathdale with excellence was Caleb Frederick, who finished runner up out of nine finalists at the recent Wynspeak Public Speaking competition. In line with this enigmatic student's onstage presence, his chosen topic was 'chemical weapons'. Hopefully we'll get a taste of his prowess in the House academic contests throughout the year.