Heathdale flower 28th October 2021

Prayer for the Year 12s

Join us as we pray for our Year 12s who have now begun their final exams.

Heathdale flower

To the God of all wisdom and knowledge, we pray for the Year 12 class of 2021.

We give You thanks for bringing them through their schooling life and for all the joys, friendships and memories they have created along the way. Thank you for the important role they have each played in the school community, and the young men and women they have become. We pray that each of them will know that they are deeply loved by their Creator and know the grace that flows freely to them from Christ's great gift.

We pray for the Year 12s as they walk into their exams. Calm their nerves and any anxiety that they may be feeling. Silence the little voice in their head that tells them they can’t do it, that it’s all too much, that what is before them is impossible. Give them courage to perform with confidence, help them to achieve at their best. Help them to remember what they have learned, guide their minds to put to paper all the things they have learned.

We lift up their futures into Your hands. As they each move into study and work and the great wide world, much of it will feel unknown and scary. Equip them with wisdom to know what to do, and may You increase their faith when they don’t know the answers. Ultimately, we pray that they will know and be known by Christ and that they will bring glory to the God of all things throughout their days.

We pray these things in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.