Heathdale flower 16th March 2023

Prayer for Peace in Learning

Join us as we pray for peace for our students in all their different stages of learning, particularly for those undergoing NAPLAN testing.

Heathdale flower

Father God,

Thank you for Your goodness and everlasting faithfulness. At all times, we are able to cast our cares and anxieties on You because You care for us. Help us to remember our future is in Your hands.

Thank you that each student here has been created with a purpose. We pray for all our students in each stage of their learning.

We think of our families who have begun their first year with the College. We think of our Kindergarten students and ask for your guidance to have an environment where they feel a sense of belonging to help their learning journey to be successful in all ways.

Be with our Year 12’s as they undertake their final year with us, making many decisions each day about their career and how they will be active contributors in their working lives.

Finally, we ask for your peace for all students undergoing NAPLAN testing. Help them to do their best, but also remind them that their worth doesn’t come from their test scores, but rather it comes from who You because you are their Creator.

We commit each Heathdale family to Your protection and care. Thank you for them and help them to flourish.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

If you have any prayer requests, please contact our Pastoral Care team at prayer@heathdale.vic.edu.au.