Heathdale flower 25th June 2021

Prayer for our Year 12s

Join us in prayer this holidays for our Year 12s as they work hard to finish out the year strong.

Heathdale flower

Father God,

We bring before you a specific group of our Heathdale family. These much-loved sons and daughters completing their school career at Heathdale. Lord you know each one so well, you formed them in their mother’s womb, you know their comings and their goings. You are known to each of them also, they hear your name many times each day, they've been told of your never-ending mercies, your compassion and your steadfast love. We pray as a community now, for them to reach out to you, we pray there is an awareness of Father God like they have never experienced previously, whether they have known and walked with you all their lives or maybe they are at the beginning stage of exploring a life dedicated to your plans and purposes.

The world makes promises,
The world over promises and under delivers
You lord make covenants.
Covenants that are eternal, steadfast and life giving.

We stand with our year 12 students, with their families and with each teacher as they sow into lives each day. We pray this collaboration, continuously guided by your wisdom and enabled with your grace and strength would make a path straight for them to achieve their potential - in your will, in your power.