Heathdale flower 31st March 2022

Praise God For This!

The end of the term is quickly approaching, and we can't help but look back on the beginning of the school year with smiles on our faces and gratitude in our hearts.

Heathdale flower

Yes, can you believe, it is the second last week of term! I want to take a moment to celebrate the term and thank God for His provisions.


It has been a long time since we have had a full term of onsite learning. Over the past nine weeks we have all slowly adapted back to the onsite experience. Yes, there have been hiccups along the way, but for the most part, it has been fantastic to have a relatively interruption-free term.

Praise God for this.

New and Old Come Together

This term the students of 2021 have welcomed the new students of 2022 with open arms. One of my favourite things to do during the school day is to walk around the yard and hear friendships thriving as students get to know and welcome each other. And, thankfully, this is not stopping with the community continuing to grow throughout 2022.

Praise God for this.

Achieving our Personal Best

One of the challenges of having a ‘full term’ is having to dig deep and find that little bit more effort to ensure that we achieve our personal best. But when we do this, it feels amazing. When we achieve our personal best, it helps us recognise that we can do it and encourages us to trust ourselves. Our students have done this throughout the term.

Praise God for this.

Finishing Well

In addition to achieving our personal best, it is also important to finish well. Our students have done this, most recently at the Swimming Carnival and the inter-school sports competitions. Congratulations to our students who came runners-up in Lightning Cup Cricket, Jackie Djie-Spiteri who made it to regionals in swimming (our first ever student!), and our Secondary students who won their division at our first Secondary CSEN Swim Carnival.

Praise God for this.

A Few Last Thoughts…

Easter: There are many Easter events over the next two weeks. Please ensure that you read the e-mail correspondence that has been sent home over the past week so that you are aware of these.

Uniform: Please help us with maintaining a strong uniform culture by monitoring your child’s uniform over the holiday break, including their hair styles. It is important that our students return in Term 2 ready to represent Heathdale’s name properly.

Thank you for your partnership with us this term. We are wishing you a happy Easter break as you celebrate Christ’s resurrection.