Heathdale flower 27th May 2022

Outdoor Ed Visits the Otways

Our Year 9 Outdoor Education students went on a successful overnight hike at Otway National Park. There were river crossings, steep paths, muddy slopes and campfire stories aplenty!

Heathdale flower

Last week from Thursday to Friday, our Year 9 Outdoor Education students went on an overnight hike at the Great Otway National Park near Lorne. Trekking around 23kms over two days, the students were able to put their newly learned skills to use while seeing some amazing nature and bonding as a group.

“Outdoor Education provides opportunities for student to develop positive relationships with the environment, other people and themselves through interaction with the natural world. These relationships are essential for the wellbeing and sustainability of individuals, society, and our environment. Throughout Semester 1, our Year 9 students learned navigation skills, how to cook on a trangia, pitch a tent and care for the environment. The students put their knowledge to action when they went on an overnight hike! They had to prepare their backpacks and carry all they would need for the two-day hike. I’m immensely proud of the group this semester as they worked well together to overcome a variety of challenges including river crossings, fallen trees and slippery paths. I am looking forward to Semester 2 where a new group of Year 9 students get the opportunity to go on the hike.” (Mr Heinrich Fourie)

Check out some student thoughts below!

“The hike was super fun. We got to see a lot of nature and different plants. Although the hike was hard, it was worth it to see all the nature. We got to cross many rivers and climb up caves, it was so hard, but we managed to get through it. The group might've gotten lost a few times too. My favourite part of the hike was when we finally made it to the campsite and gathered around and told scary stories. It was so cold, but I got my scarf and wrapped it around my body.” (Alisha)

“The Year 9 Outdoor Ed hike was very enjoyable. Walking 23 kilometres over two days was a struggle, but in the end it was all worth it. My favourite part of the hike was when we arrived at the campsite. However, whilst hiking we saw waterfalls, animals and lots of steep paths. Building up our tent and getting dinner ready was stressful, but I felt very accomplished after my partner and I got everything done.” (Brihitha)

“The Outdoor Ed hike was a very enjoyable time. I got to be with my friends and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. We got to help each other and figure out which direction was the right way; we may have got lost a few times... Once we reached the campsite, we built our tents and almost collapsed. I didn't even have the energy to make food! We collectively told campfire stories until some of us went to sleep.” (Raeye)

“This hike was definitely memorable. I enjoyed the challenge of trekking uphill, downhill, and crossing the river multiple times. I'd say the most challenging part was climbing up a slippery, muddy incline, however, it was the most fun part. Overall, it was an exciting experience, and I would go again.” (Caleb)