Heathdale flower 14th May 2020

Our Werribee Primary Captains at Home

Here's how our Werribee Primary Captains have risen to the challenge of learning from home.

Heathdale flower

You can’t keep our Werribee Primary students sitting still for too long. There have been plenty of challenges sent out by staff and students, Jemma’s Sidewalk Challenge was a hit, so was the Staff/Student PE Challenge. There’s also the Reading Challenge, which will run until the end of Term – check CANVAS for those details. And the Primary Walk Around Australia is going gangbusters. They’re recently walked right past Koumala, near Mackay in Queensland. It’s a great way to encourage students to get outside and go for a walk each day.

Even Grace's dog is paying attention.

Wow, hasn’t Term 2 been different this year! It has been a challenging time for most people, but also a time for learning many new things. I bet our teachers never thought they would be teaching remotely. One struggle we have found at home is DISTRACTIONS. I want to pat my dog all day, or play with my sister, or ride my bike. It is so easy to lose focus on what I am doing. We have overcome this by ROUTINES. We start school at 8:30 and finish at 3:10, with snack and lunch times set. The best time is lunch when we go outside for a bike ride. I do miss seeing my friends and teachers, like all of you do, too. It will be so exciting to see you all again soon around the school. I hope you have been taking part in the extra activities, like the Walk Around Australia, Reading Competition and Lego Masters. These are fantastic and can keep your mind and body active.

Please keep in mind that we will be back at school soon. Enjoy the extra time you have with your families. Stay safe and stay happy.

— Grace

Shreya taking on Jemma's Challenge

Hi everyone, I would like to take you through what I have been up to during these hard times. I have loved doing Jemma’s Challenge. I would always play with the obstacle course while I had my breaks between my subjects. If you don’t have any chalk lying around then you could use some paper and draw the obstacles you would like.

You will need:
Chalk or paper
Pencils (for the paper)
A perfect spot for you to put your obstacle on

I hope you guys will love this challenge but remember I would like you to check the weather before you start your challenge as you may do a beautiful drawing and may be washed out by the rain.

I hope you guys have fun.

— Shreya

Aaron on one of his local walks near the beach

Remote learning can have its ups and downs, but so far, I think we’ve had more ups. Okay, the homework can be tough, but spending time with family is great!

Everyday my family and I go for walks, whether it be near the beach or around the block. My mum and I are trying to get everyone to go outside, but no one wants to go. It’s good exercise! Not only that, my dad and I go for bike rides.

One night we even tried a challenge where you had to throw a sultana up in the air and catch in your mouth, my grandma even tried it! After the sultanas, we tried with prunes (don’t try this at home) and I got it. No one else wanted to do it because they didn’t want to eat it.

The very next day my dad and I went on a bike ride and during the bike ride we saw three hawks no further than 10 metres away from us! Then we rode our bikes to get some lunch and while I was eating my sausage roll, I dropped some crumbs and a sparrow came right under my legs! It was so cute and I thought the bird was so brave.

Sometimes after I finish schoolwork, I use my imagination to play a spy or a superhero. Sometimes both. What...? I’m still young! I can use my imagination! It's fun because sometimes I pretend the couch is a ship beating the crashing waves or the floor is lava and I jump from couch to couch as a new adventure begins.

You know what else is fun? Building huts out of pillows, blankets and chairs. It's like another world in there! Forts are fun to build! What have you been doing in remote learning?
— Aaron

Remembering our soliders well
Building our own Eiffel Towers
How strong can you make it?
It's fun to build things at home!