Heathdale flower 01st September 2021

Our Commitment to Well-Being

A glimpse of what we have been up to as a College to support student well-being.

Heathdale flower

There is a lot of literature coming out about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of children. This time of lockdown for many students is tough and many are struggling as their routine is disrupted and they cannot see an end in sight. It is with this in mind that we have created some space for their wellbeing; last week saw the start of Well-Being Wednesday for Primary students and for our Secondary students, they got to enjoy Well-Being Day last Friday, which was accompanied by daily emails around the topic of welfare.

We are also acutely mindful that for many parents who are working from home, it is not always realistic for you to put down tools and spend the afternoon with your children as you would like. Therefore, we have created a hybrid model where students are empowered to take control of this time themselves, no matter what their age, but they are also given some guidance and activities should they be at a loss as to what to do. Your children may have exhausted all their options at home by now, so we are hoping this will give some fresh ideas.

From watching Andino the Magician work his magic on Teams, to activities assisting with motivation, gratitude, and creativity, to watching pandas in their habitats (my personal favourite), we hope this time has managed to create some space in the day where students have worked on something different. If you have been able to sit with them, we hope it has created some special time together.

Melton Announcements

Primary Parent Teacher Conversations via Teams are scheduled for Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th September between 3.30pm -5.30pm. Interviews will be open for all parents, however we will email specific parents to book early for teacher-requested interviews a few days before notifying all other parents. Given the longevity of lockdown, this time with teachers will have a different focus. Our aim is to support you and partner with you in remote learning and to discuss any specific needs you may have while also giving you as much feedback as possible about specific subjects.

At Melton, we have also started our live assemblies once again. These occur on a Thursday and are an opportunity for students to connect with staff and unite as a community. Our intention is to leave the ‘çhat’ on as much as possible so students can connect. You will have also received a notification that students can turn their cameras on in class time now. We ask you to encourage your child to turn their cameras on, as students getting to see each other makes a huge difference to their day and makes the learning environment more interactive.

Years 2-5 have some specific information via email about electives for 2022. If you have not addressed this with your child, please can you do so as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe – please contact your Home Room teacher should you have any concerns or questions.