Heathdale flower 03rd August 2023

One of Many Memorable Moments at Melton

Amidst our everyday activities, there are some incredibly valuable moments, like the recent '100-Day Super Learner' celebration, where our Prep and Year 1 students wore superhero capes and celebrated a significant milestone - their 100th day at school!

Heathdale flower

The role of a Principal can, at times, be challenging. The main task may be as simple as fostering practice that is consistent with the particular mission of the school. In reality, the various elements that sit beneath this fundamental responsibility suggest a position that is multidimensional and demanding. In amongst the day to day running of a school in Term 3 is a number of key tasks in preparation for the year to come. This work includes enrolment interviews for prospective families, subject selection for students currently in Year 8 and above, interviewing potential staff, and allocating educational staff to the various classes that the school offers to support a Christian education.

Amidst the busyness of the everyday there are also opportunities to engage with students. This engagement can be through class time, yard duties, and the odd occasions where I am invited to participate in lunchtime sports. It also can be in attending the varied assemblies held. Earlier this week, for example, we held a special assembly. This community gathering was for what might seem like an odd celebration. Our focus was on “100-Day Super Learner.” As part of this celebration the Prep and Year 1 students, and the many of the College staff, wear superhero capes, often of their own creative designs. As is the case in our creative dress-up days, the classes paraded around the Auditorium in front of a fairly full house of parents and family members.

These moments, which may seem to some like a distraction or bit of silliness, are also moments that we might want to treasure and enjoy. To my way of thinking, these moments are valuable as expressions of the creative ways the Heathdale Christian College staff seek to enthuse and engage students in learning.

This is not simply the case for these one-off events, but also for our regular assemblies. In assemblies, students have the opportunity to creatively express themselves in a supportive environment which is different from the classroom. They also afford class groups the opportunity to reflect and present on themes that are important to the fabric of the school.

We are proud to embrace the multidimensional nature of education, fostering a community that thrives on nurturing, imagination, and engagement. As we continue on this educational journey as a school community, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for our dedicated staff and extraordinary students who make every day at our school truly memorable.