Heathdale flower 13th February 2020

New Library Spaces & Primary Student Leaders

Congratulations to all our new Primary Leaders, and thanks to all our students who applied. It's nice to see everyone making such good use of the newly refurbished rooms and library spaces.

Heathdale flower

We have been delighted to welcome our Primary and Kinder students to this new school year. Classes are settling very well and students have shown their enthusiasm to be back amongst their friends and meet their teachers.

Over the holidays, our incredible maintenance team worked alongside a number of contractors to renovate and refurbish some key areas around the College. Our Year 5 & 6 cohort seemed to be pleased with the new look Upper Primary area, and our new look Library for Primary students is a popular destination for our students. This is open after school each afternoon from 3.20-3.45pm. Parents are welcome to visit with their children to see the space and change their library books. We are looking forward to seeing each student grow and thrive in their learning and invite parents to be active participants along this journey.

It was great to see a number of our parents attend the recent year level information sessions. Years 3-6 Information Night will occur tonight at the Church from 6pm. Yesterday at our Yr 3-6 Assembly, Mr Haworth welcomed students into this Learning Module, and announced the new Primary Captains, Primary Vice Captains, and House Captains who will be part of our Leadership group this year. Mr Haworth congratulated the more than 60 students who applied and applauded their intent to be leaders in the Primary school. With so many students willing to be leaders, we are assured this year we will see many students step up and serve their fellow students and continue to grow these God given gifts in this community.

Congratulations to the Primary Student Leadership Team for 2020

Primary Captains

Aaron Galutera
Grace Higgs

Primary Vice Captains

Clark Harvey
Shreya Sharma

House Captains

Will Thompson
Bethany Dades


Taegen Dodds
Aspen Toso


Francis Panakaal
Ella Labios


Nathan Purwadi
Samantha Trodden

House Vice Captains


Tomas McVicar
Joanne Denny


Jayvyn Ammina
Lyla Parker


Zac Vuddandam
Veda Jayamohan


Miguel Rodrigues Vance
Shalomi Samuel


Parents as Partners reading program, for Yr Prep and Year 1 this year, begins soon. Training for this program is available to be invited onto our roster for those year levels. A Working with Children Check is required for any volunteers and details are explained more fully in the new Volunteer Guidelines available on our website.

Hand in Connected Devices — Mobile Phones and watches with connectivity are to be handed in to the Primary office at the beginning of the day and may be collected at the end of the day by students.

We look forward to our Parent Conversations to discuss your child’s learning which will be held at the end of this term. Until then parents are welcome to make contact with the teachers by sending a note or email to the teacher, or by contacting the Primary Office.