Heathdale flower 17th September 2020

Minecraft: Marine Researchers Reflections

Thank you to all students who participated in the Minecraft: Marine Researchers sessions run by Wyndham Tech School. Here's what the students thought.

Heathdale flower
RENUKA: I enjoyed the quizzes, and I learned a lot of things. I found it very helpful.

MEGHAN: I found this session very entertaining, fun and interesting. Something l enjoyed was when the organiser (Lyn) was adventuring/ exploring the Minecraft world, ocean and boat. And, l also enjoyed the quiz which had questions about scientist’s titles and finding out what they do. For example, an Ichthyologist is a fish scientist who basically studies about fishes (A marine biologist can study anything that lives in oceans or wetlands). I personally think that the Minecraft session relates to National Science Week theme: Deep Blue because I learned about the ocean and what role scientists play in the research of ocean creatures.

RONITH: I liked the program because it was fun playing Minecraft. It was related to science because it had researching on sea animals and other creatures.

ANANAYA: The Minecraft marine researchers was fun. There were some small tests, and we got to know different parts of marine biology, for example deep ocean researcher, marine zoologist and more. We also learned a ''Solutions Fluency method' 'it was like this:

Solutions Fluency method

Define-What is the problem.

Discover- What is the solution.

Dream- What are the possibilities.

Design-How is the solution going to take place.

Deliver-Publish your solution.

Debrief-Discuss how you did.

After the session we even got some recourses about marine biologists. The Minecraft marine researchers was awesome!


GAVIN: I have learnt that if you throw too much rubbish in the oceans, scientist can never explore what is going on down deep into the ocean. If we throw so much rubbish, we may never see the mariana trench and a lot of different types of fishes. Moreover the rubbish pollute the sea and it will endanger the sea life as well as the coral reefs. There are so many types of scientist like deep sea divers and marine biologist.

DAMIEN: It was terrific! I enjoyed going around the ocean and looking at the fishes. I liked to go on board the boat and discover what the different scientists do.