Heathdale flower 10th December 2021

Melton Wrapped Up

Before our Principal of Melton, Yvonne Harvey, moves on to become our Principal of Primary at Werribee in 2022, she talks about how Melton has celebrated its wins in the final week of school in 2021.

Heathdale flower

I trust that you enjoyed our Melton Celebration Night! The children worked so hard and did an excellent job. For those of you with children in Grade 6, their Graduation with Mrs. Pardo was spectacular and the children had a wonderful day celebrating and having fun. Hopefully many children have come home excited from the awards assemblies and have enjoyed celebrating their own and other students' achievements.

I am sure further celebrations will be able to be had shortly when the students receive their reports! Primary student’s reports will be available on the portal from this Thursday and Secondary reports will be handed out on the last day of school. This week you will also hear about your child’s class for 2022. If you have any concerns about anything in the reports or about your child transitioning, please do contact your child's current homeroom teacher.

This week, the students enjoyed our End of Year Fair to celebrate their year of learning, and we will have carols on the lawn to finish the week. I am sure the homeroom teachers will also create a week of fun and enjoyment! Staff do not finish at school until December 14th so you are able to contact any staff member if you need to.

What a year it has been, and I know the children are tired and in need of a rest from all that has been. I hope that this Christmas season, in the midst of whatever you are doing, you will be able to take some time with family and friends and enjoy the birth of Christ.

This week I have been packing up my room to transition to the Werribee campus. I would like to thank everyone for such a wonderful four years. I have learnt so much with you all and I continue to value your prayers for us as leaders of the College and the students. I know everyone here will continue to look after your most precious gifts that you loan us to educate, and I pray to our Lord that He will continue to shower blessings over the Melton community.

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you all.