Heathdale flower 14th May 2020

Melton Students Make the Most of Remote Learning

Bacon and egg muffins and uber special hot chocolates are just some of the perks of learning from home.

Heathdale flower

Every week, it’s been a huge blessing to see the Remote Learning videos Miss Sanchez has been putting together of our Melton students. In it you can spot plenty of ingenuity, lots of proud smiles behind those amazing crafts and experiments, and some fun musical numbers along the way. I asked our Primary and Secondary Captains to tell us what they’ve been up to.

Amazing home-made instruments
Isaac with one of those delicious bacon and egg muffins

Home learning has been different for everyone. I have enjoyed it though. My favourite things about learning from home is that some days I get to learn in my pyjamas.

Most days start at 7am with a 2-3km walk with my family. Being at home has meant that we have spent more time together. Mum always makes us yummy meals. Today we had bacon and egg muffins with hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.

I have enjoyed spending more time with my siblings, too. We have had the opportunity to help and be a part of each other’s learning. My brother plays the guitar and has helped me work through some of the music tasks. I have now learnt how to play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. I have discovered it is something I really enjoy.

It has been great working from home because I have a lot more space to complete my work especially when working on my art assignments. Although my cat does like to sit at my desk and watch me.

One of things I have learnt during this time is to finally do push ups properly! With the extra time I have now, I have been working on my fitness endurance and running.

While working from home has been fun, I really miss being in the classroom with my friends. We had only just started to get to know each other. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

– Isaac

Learning from home is really different. I think we all have things we want to do when we get back to school like see our friends, teachers and working in our class rooms.

The things that I like to do while learning from home are watching TV during lunch time, also I’m able to play with my little sister. Some funny moments are when my sister gets my recorder and plays while my mum is on a meeting for work.

There are a few things I have accomplished that I am proud of like hatching seven baby chicks. This took three weeks and I have to feed, change their water and bedding. I have been helping my mum and getting all my work done on time.

I also want to say to everyone to stay safe and happy during this time. Always try to help your mum or dad if they need it.

God bless everyone.

- Taylor

Some of the amazing crafts and experiments happening at home.
Having fun building towers and making instruments.