Heathdale flower 17th April 2020

Melton Campus —Remote Learning Reflections

Heathdale flower

The good bits: It has been a wondrous source of encouragement to see the many photos and videos students and parents have sent in to us, showing how they’ve magnificently adapted to this new virtual mode of remote online teaching and learning. We are loving those, so please keep sending them in. The children have really taken their learning seriously which is very encouraging. While we’re not onsite together at the moment, our teachers are working very hard to provide every opportunity for their students to continue learning and achieving success in each of their subjects. This time of transitioning to online learning has been a steep learning curve for me too, but we have all been learning together – I have never learnt so much technology in my life so quickly. As well as our incredible IT team, and leading teachers, some technological whiz teachers among us are also going above and beyond to share their knowledge and help us out of the occasional bind. It’s very encouraging to see how diligently everyone has applied themselves at the start of Term; parents, students and teachers alike.

Things we have learned: While we have seen a relatively smooth transition to remote learning, it hasn’t always been a breeze. None of us are alone in that. Yesterday my phone went off in my staff meeting, my son decided to practise the drums at the same time, the internet was patchy, my other son wanted help with his art work and my husband decided to take a work call in the same room! I felt and imagine I looked like a failure. I believe we are all learning together in this wonderful school community. Yes, we are being stretched and for some really stretched, but we are in this together, supporting and learning from one another. I have learnt it is okay to make mistakes and from every mistake made there is a wonderful opportunity to learn and improve. I am finding it hard working while managing the kids (and husband) and cooking and cleaning and washing, etc. But I also keep thinking I can’t run on adrenaline alone, and if it doesn’t get done today, there is always tomorrow. Please forgive me if my hair and makeup isn’t done for every devotion shoot I do!

What parents have been telling us: The feedback from parents has been a wonderful encouragement to us. Parents have recognised the hard work teachers have been doing to ensure the provision a strong, robust curriculum and the care we desire to give the children. We recognise there are some great challenges for parents to work through when working from home. Many parents are continuing with their own work while supervising their children with their remote learning. Incredible. I know too, that it is incredibly rough with friends and family losing jobs and struggling, so I need to keep bringing that to God every day.

What the plan is for next week: While the first week of term was a major learning curve, the plan for next week is to encourage all students to be actively engaged in their learning programs. They will be communicating with their teachers, submitting work requirements and assessment tasks, etc It’s vitally important we take breaks from our learning during the day and catch up with friends and family online. My challenges for the week are to get the live devotions and assemblies up and running and to have all the staff trained and ready for CANVAS in Week 3. I am thinking there may be a decline in the meals cooked in my house this week! Wishing all the parents and students in the Learning Module all the very best for this term.