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Melton 7A's Favourite Moments from Year 7 Camp

We asked Melton 7A what their favourite part of Year 7 has been in 2022, and they agreed that it was their City Camp! Joel, Marvell and Renee tell us more about it.

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Renee, Joel and Marvell

What was your most memorable moment from Year 7 Camp?

"My highlight of Year 7 was the City Camp which went on for three days. Some things we did included rock climbing, hanging out at Federation Square, having a tour of the city, going to the Eureka Tower, going on a boat and more. We got to stay at a place called City CYC in rooms with other people. I was with Aviral, Andre and Michael. City CYC also provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though lights out was at 9:00, Aviral, Andre, and I were talking until 11:00! The best part was when we went to the Eureka Tower at night; the view was mental! We also had a challenge of which group returned to City CYC the fastest, but I forgot who won. Overall, the Year 7 City Camp was my highlight of year 7." Joel V.

"My highlight of Year 7 is when I went to camp. There were many exciting activities that took place there. One of my favourite activities was when we went on the cruise along the Yarra River. The whole event was just a really enjoyable and relaxing scene." Renee N.

"My highlight of Year 7 is when I went on camp. This camp was really fun because we didn't get to go for the past few years because of the pandemic. We went to the City of Melbourne and went to many different places. I got to know others in my year level better because of spending time together and sleeping in the same room. We went on a cruise on the Yarra River, we did rock climbing and we got to buy anything we wanted which is very cool. Something significant about the camp was when we went to the Eureka Tower; it has the highest habitable floor and was the tallest residential building in the world when completed. It was also the building with the most floors available for residential occupancy in the world. In there, we got to do an activity called the 'glass elevator' that extends out of the building for about two meters." Marvell P.