Heathdale flower 10th June 2021

Meet Our Captains – Paul de la Cruz

Meet Paul De La Cruz, who was thrilled to be given the honour of being one of our College Captains this year.

Heathdale flower

Paul dropped in to my office this week and Ziva and I chatted with him about life in Year 12 and surviving lockdowns.

Paul, when did you begin at Heathdale?

I started when I was in Year 5. My older brother and sister have also been through Heathdale and graduated a few years ago. I’m the youngest.

What’s Year 12 been like for you so far?

I’d say ‘dynamic’! It’s been really shifting and changing as we have been in school and then out and then back. It’s a bit stressful to think about exams coming up but still having the disruptions of lockdowns. But at least we are used to it in some ways.

What effect has lockdown had on you personally?

This particular lockdown has really motivated me to work on my fitness. I injured my knee earlier in the year and had to have an x-ray, an ultrasound and an MRI! I can’t control much at the moment but at least I can control my physical health. So I’m working on that. Academically, I really don’t want to study from home. It is a lot harder to focus. My mum and sister are both essential workers in the medical area so it has had a bigger impact on them. But my family’s been pretty lucky overall in that COVID hasn’t impacted us as much as other some other people.

What has helped you the most in lockdown?

Staying connected to my friends. Some of my Year 12 friends encouraged me to get fit in lockdown and we are doing that together. Being connected to others really helps.

Have you had some fun online lessons?

I think last year, every Legal class with Mrs Byrnes was a lot of fun. This last week, I got gently roasted by my whole English class for my very helpful suggestion about taking notes. Mr Broadstock joked about my popularity level. I’ll remember that one for a while – it was good to laugh together.

What’s your encouragement for our Year 7-10s who are still in remote learning?

Three really good words: don’t sit still! You get at least an hour to run around at lunch so make the most of it and go for a run. Switch it up at home – don’t just do everything from your bed all day because it’s not good for where your head’s at. Get some air and move around when you can. We didn’t really appreciate being able to go outside until we couldn’t.

What’s your hope for the rest of this year?

Number one, I want to improve my study habits. I’d like to say I have really good study habits but I know they are a work in progress. I want to see us all graduate together and not leave anyone behind. And I want to be healthy and physically fit by the end of the year.