Heathdale flower 04th June 2024

Meet our 2024 Year 9 Leadership Team

Introducing our 2024 Year 9 Leaders, who are dedicated to enhancing school culture for Years 7-9 at our Werribee campus through roles in Service, Sport, and Art.

Heathdale flower

Introducing to our 2024 Year 9 Leadership Team! These students have each stepped into roles of responsibility that seek to better school culture for all Years 7-9 students.

Following an application process that also included feedback from staff and interviews, we are blessed to have a new and vibrant leadership team that is divided into three areas of specialisation: Service, Sport and Art.

Service: Ashwin O.V, Kezia J, Christine D, Rianna P, Rose H

Sport: Aarush J, Sumer C, Aarush M, Elissa R.D, Grace M, Aston B

Art: Renuka K, Jesslyn S, Aarav M, Eva F, Evie P

Year 9 Leadership Team
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