Heathdale flower 08th July 2022

Mask, Puppetry and Song

Our Year 9, 10 and 12 Drama students saw a Commedia Del’Arte performance of Pinocchio, where they enjoyed many laughs and learned more about the historical theatrical form.

Heathdale flower

On Monday 6th of June, Years 9, 10 and 12 Drama saw a performance by the theatre company Make A Scene. They saw a Commedia Del’Arte performance of Pinocchio. Commedia Del’Arte has a rich history and is a comedic performance style using mask, stock characters and lots of gags.

The students loved it!

“I enjoyed seeing the actor transform into the different characters using sound, movement, and costumes. It really made the performance cooler. I also loved how the actor engaged with the audience by asking questions and getting audience members to play characters. My favourite was the blue fairy. My favourite moments in the performance were when the fox was talking about his children’s charity, when Pinocchio was talking to the Blue Fairy and asked him to read a note out loud and when Pinocchio said he found a new coat for his father. I really enjoyed the performance, and I was impressed by the actor’s talents.” Jaya, Year 10

"The Commedia Del’Arte performance was truly amazing, it was inspiring and of course, funny! This was a great experience, and I learnt a lot from this performance. I learnt about actor and audience relationship, tone, climax, conflict, gestures and so so much more. It taught me as a fellow drama student that if you put yourself out and be weird it is totally worth it. I just wish more people got to see the amazing talent of the amazing solo commedia actor." Kiara, Year 10

A year 11 student who got pulled up on stage and donned with a mask and costume. He transformed into character perfectly!