Heathdale flower 17th February 2022

Looking Through Fresh Eyes

There have been some lovely observations of our Primary students since the year began. Additionally, there are some practical updates to take note of!

Heathdale flower

The wonderful aspect about being a Principal in a new space is being able to come in with fresh eyes and taking in all of the wonders that surround you. Since I have been here, I have visited every classroom; the students have settled in well and their behaviour is respectful towards each other and their teachers. The children are treating each other with dignity, and they are all contributing towards a safe environment where everyone belongs.

As students have begun their year of learning, I have seen them collaborate, problem-solve, seek feedback on their work, reflect on how to improve their learning growth, and be open to new learning experiences.

I have observed many classes in devotions. Devotions is a wonderful time in the morning where the roll is called, community is built and we nurture students well-being, anchored in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The students are learning from the Bible, singing songs and praying for their peers and family. I encourage you to make every endeavour to be at school by 8.25am so that this time is an uninterrupted time between the class and God.


The car parks are busy places. We completely understand that parents and children are getting back into the routine of drop-offs and pick-ups after Covid lockdowns and Christmas holidays. However, to keep all of the children safe we will be implementing some new processes in the car park, as it is very busy and we do not want any child or adult hurt. All children have been presented with traffic information in Homeroom this week. Please:

- Park your cars in the designated spaces

- Collect your child from the pink concrete or their classroom - we cannot have children walking across carparks, as it is dangerous

- Be patient with each other and allow the traffic to flow smoothly

- Be patient with school staff who are assisting in traffic duty

- We do appreciate your cooperation in this matter as we continue to find solutions to assist with traffic flow.


Teachers are on duty in the morning from 8:10-8:30 and in the afternoon from 3:10-3:45. It is important that your child has been picked up from school by 3:45 as there will be no teacher on duty after this time and if your child has not been picked up, they cannot play on the playgrounds. For the time being, students will be taken to the Primary School Office after 3:45. If you are running late, please contact the College so we are aware and can look after your child. Additionally, if you come to the College before 8:10, please wait with your child until the supervising teacher comes.

Grounds work

You may have noticed a lot of works happening around the College. The Preps have a beautiful new playground, the 1, 2 building is coming along and we have some lovely new plants and gardens to enjoy. With so many children in the school, we continue to encourage the children to treat their environment with respect, which means putting rubbish in the bin, tidying up after themselves and looking after everyone's property. Please continue to partner with us in this important teaching so that children can enjoy the facilities for many years to come.

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying my work here at Heathdale's Werribee campus. Everyone has been so very welcoming, for which I thank you! I look forward to seeing our Primary students continue to blossom in 2022.