Heathdale flower 23rd July 2021

Little Lives Fundraiser

Give up your furniture for the day on the 7th of August and get involved to help some Little Lives at Rehoboth Children's Home.

Heathdale flower

Little Lives is a student-led fundraiser Heathdale holds each year to support a children’s home in the Philippines. Rehoboth Children’s Home is a home for children that have been abandoned, surrendered, orphaned or abused. A group of students and staff from Heathdale usually visit the Philippines each year and spend about one week at the home, assisting Rehoboth staff with the daily care and organisation of the home.

Rehoboth relies on donations and sponsoring of children to remain open to these Little Lives. For this reason, we fundraise each year with a variety of events to raise money so that these Little Lives have a safe place to live until they find their forever family.

To support this fundraiser, you can:

• Pray for the staff that work at Rehoboth
• Pray for the children so that they can find their forever family
• Plan to go without furniture for a day – 7th of August

Go to littlelives.raisely.com sign up and then ask your friends and family to sponsor you to go without furniture for the day. The idea is that we experience going without something, just like these Little Lives do daily.

If we are able to, we will have a sausage sizzle at school during lunchtime on the 4th of August. Sausages with bread are $2 each, cans of drink $2 each or a smart sausage deal for $5 (2 sausages and 1 can of drink)

If you would like to know more about Rehoboth Children’s Home head to: www.rehobothsampalocministries.com