Heathdale flower 27th May 2022

Learning Leadership Lessons

Our Primary Student Leaders recently went to a Christian Leadership Conference at Mount Maranatha College, where they learned about communication, the importance of relationships and how to live in the tension as a leader.

Heathdale flower

Primary student leaders were given the opportunity to explore leading through a biblical worldview at Mount Maranatha College, building upon the array of skills that they already maintain and utilise. Students gained a deeper understanding of the importance and nuances of relationships in leadership. Some of these principles included: putting others before yourself, doing the unexpected, letting your actions speak for itself and being reliable. This was further extended through memorable games played, which taught the Primary student leaders about how to communicate effectively and work collaboratively. Not to mention, the importance of teamwork and living within the tension as a leader, a key message that was expertly articulated by our very own Mr Lee. All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with an abundance of lessons learned and memories made. (Miss Puopolo, 6E Homeroom Teacher.)

Some thoughts from our Primary Student Leaders...

"The main highlight of the day was the wise information about how to be a good leader and how to be helpful to others. I enjoyed a lot of the games and the information about leadership that they indirectly talked about. I learned a lot of things such as, a good leader puts others before them, leaders are also good communicators and you don’t need a title to be a leader. I also learned that a leader should be an active listener and humble. I can use this extraordinary information to improve myself and serve and teach others about being a good leader in a Christian way." (Jacob, 6B)

"In the conference, I learned that leaders need to care, encourage, include, serve, listen, and have faith in the group. Leaders should be like a shepherd, always caring for their flock of sheep. We know that our ultimate leader is God. I also learned that Christian leaders will not be haughty or arrogant but instead feel that everyone is equal the way God created us.The way leaders work should be sharing ideas and having a relationship with their groups. Leaders put others ahead of them not as putting themselves as the best. But my favourite one is leaders should take the initiative to do the things others would rather avoid doing." (Achilles, 6B)

"On Monday we went to the Christian Leadership Conference. My favourite part was when we played a game where all of us had to arrange ourselves in a circle in the order of the month that we were born in without speaking or making any noise. This game taught us how to communicate clearly even without words. We used hand actions and our expressions. The key thing that stuck out to me that we learned was that leadership is a relationship. It starts with a commonality (something both people have in common) and both people must have a lot of trust in each other. I will apply this knowledge in my role by trying to make close relationships with my peers and get lots of people to trust me." (Reeya , 6E)

"My highlight of the day was definitely the games. We played clumps which taught us about teamwork, then we played a rock papers and scissors game which taught us about unity and lastly we played a silent game where we had to place ourselves into the order of our birthday which taught us about non-verbal communication.

I learned a lot of things but one of the many was how to be a Christian leader. A good Christian leader needs to be resilient, respectful and passionate. The speakers talked a lot about having commonality, continuity, communication skills and many more. Something I also learned is that leadership is all about relationships and the tone you use to talk to someone because that person will then trust you, you may influence them, and you know how to help them when they need it which is truly great. Another thing to remember is that no matter having a title or not, everybody is a leader.

Next time I ever have a conversation with someone I will definitely try and connect with them more and listen to them. Each person has their own interests and opinions, and as a primary school captain I should take their opinion or advice and to implement and not to judge them." (Rashi, 6A)