Heathdale flower 28th May 2021

Learning from Holocaust History

​It’s an enormous privilege when someone shares their personal story with you. This week our Year 10 students engaged in a History incursion about the Holocaust.

Heathdale flower

In previous years, our Year 10s have visited onsite at the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Melbourne, but this has been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic due to the age of the volunteers that work there. However, online incursions mean our students still have access to this moving experience that enables them to meaningfully connect with their studies in this area of World War II history.

The most impactful aspect of the incursion is that the students hear directly from a holocaust survivor who shares their own story and gives the students the opportunity to ask questions. As the generation of holocaust survivors is aging, our students have had a unique privilege that will not be available forever.

We hope that our students draw a greater historical understanding from this experience but also develop their empathy and understanding that history happens to real people.

Our thanks to our dedicated History staff for organising and running this incursion for our students.