Heathdale flower 12th November 2020

Latin Linguists Win Language Prize

Languages are a key part of our curriculum, and it's lovely to see our Latin students finding success.

Heathdale flower

It has been said that language is the sea in which culture swims. Our Secondary students begin learning three languages from Year 7 – Latin, French and Chinese. By Year 9, around 75% of our students choose to continue with at least one language. And in Year 12, on average about 25% of our students are still studying a language other than English.

Learning another language benefits students far more than just the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar. It provides a doorway into understanding how language and culture can shape the way we experience life – whether that be modern or ancient. It is a great means of learning to love your neighbour by seeking to understand and enter into meaningful dialogue with the world around us.

This year, our Secondary language students have had some considerable success in online competitions throughout the year. A special mention this week goes to two of our students who won significant places in the Victorian Latin Reading competition.

Anjali Bijukumar won first place in Year 8 for all Victoria. Huge congratulations to her!

Tanisha Bardhwaj won equal second place in Year 9.

This is the third year Heathdale has taken part in the state competition, and the first time we've brought home prizes! Congratulations to all students who submitted videos for the event.