Heathdale flower 13th December 2023

Kindergarten Stories: Exploring Our Journey Through 2023

Frome exploring the world of cooking and baking to learning the art of storytelling, get a snapshot of what our Kinder classes have learnt throughout the year!

Heathdale flower

Greetings, dear parents, guardians, and friends of our vibrant kindergarten community! As we conclude the year, we are thrilled to share the highlights of the children’s adventures throughout this year.

Echidnas: Masterful Builders, UNO Pros, and Melodious Voices!

Our clever Echidnas want the world to know about their exceptional building skills, turning the sandbox into a realm of architectural wonders. From towering sandcastles to intricate structures, their creativity knows no bounds. But that's not all—these little maestros excel at UNO, showcasing their competence in card games. And, if you happen to catch them humming a tune, don't be surprised! These Echidnas are also flourishing singers who bring joy through their melodious voices. Oh, and did we mention their love for water play in the sandpit? It's a splash of fun you won't want to miss!


Wallabies: Master Chef, Earth Stewards, and Dance Enthusiasts!

The Wallaby children have been busy pulling on their tiny chef hats and aprons, exploring the world of cooking and baking. Their kitchen adventures are not just about delicious treats; they're learning valuable life skills and developing a love for wholesome food. In addition, these Earth stewards take pride in nurturing God's Earth through gardening, sowing seeds of responsibility and environmental care. They have also enjoyed dancing and beanbag games.


Possums: Nature Explorers, Project Collaborators, and Dance Dynamos!

Our curious Possums are on a mission to discover the wonders of God's little creatures. This year, silkworms, slaters, and earthworms have become their tiny companions in a world of exploration and learning. Engaging in small group projects is a Possum specialty—whether it's detailed block designs, handcrafted board games, or embarking on treasure map adventures. Possums have also engaged in whole-body actions through dances and fun games.


Koalas: Artistic Visionaries, Creative Geniuses, and Cat Architects!

The Koala children are true artists and creative thinkers, showcasing their talents through vibrant drawings on numerous sheets of paper. They demonstrate their storytelling skill by making "mini books" narrating tales of Bible stories and expressing their understanding of God's love. What's more, they embraced a unique challenge—creating masterpieces on a single A2-sized paper, proving that creativity knows no bounds. And for a day filled with imaginative play, the Koalas became cats, constructing mini forts as their cozy homes. 


We would like to celebrate these remarkable achievements and unique qualities of each kindergarten group. Thank you for being an essential part of our kindergarten family throughout this year. We wish our children a wonderful experience as they move to Prep classes in 2024!