Heathdale flower 22nd June 2023

Keep our Kids Safe in Carparks

At Heathdale, the safety of all our students is a top priority. Please read the following issues regarding carpark behaviour.

Heathdale flower

At Heathdale, the safety of all our students is a top priority.

Unfortunately, we have observed that while most families follow traffic laws, there are some parents/guardians who engage in illegal parking practices, often unintentionally.

These are the specific practices we have noticed at each of our campuses that are not permitted:


- Jaywalking across Derrimut Road
- Parking on the side of Derrimut Road or on the nature strip
- Stopping at the roundabout in the Creative Arts carpark


- Double-parking in the slip road outside of the College
- Parking on the properties of local residents in neighbouring streets (including Smoult Drive)
- Partially entering College access points and then reversing out against the flow of traffic

As a result, some families have been fined by the police for parking and traffic violations, which is not beneficial for anyone involved. Additionally, we have received public complaints from the community regarding the dangerous and illegal parking behaviours listed above, causing traffic congestion.

We understand that drop-off and pick-up times can be busy, so we encourage everyone to allocate enough time to find suitable parking during these periods, whether onsite, or if at Werribee, across the road at the Encore Events centre parking.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in ensuring the safety of our car parks for everyone, especially our students.