Heathdale flower 18th February 2021

It’s a Walk into the Carpark

You can walk the talk, and talk while you walk.

Heathdale flower

Thank you to all our families for encouraging your children to actively participate in their learning during the first part of our week. We had a great start back today. I was able to monitor one of the crossings this morning and greeted students as they arrived, happy to be back amongst their friends. In what’s quickly becoming a tradition, we also had the bubble machines out for our younger classes, too. We look forward to seeing all students complete the week positively here on campus.

As you may be aware, our carparks are busy at the moment. We encourage parents to consider walking onto our campus instead of parking here. That way you will not experience any delays in exiting after school.

Walking safely to school is not only a healthy lifestyle practice but is also an opportunity to convey positive understandings about traffic awareness and safety, and for teaching caution near roads and pedestrian crossings. We encourage all parents to consider this as a regular practice which will no doubt become a family highlight as you walk and talk with them about the upcoming school day.

Go to www.walk.com.au for information about healthy lifestyle practices and research on developing walking as a family activity.