Heathdale flower 01st September 2022

Introduction to Bravehearts

Continuing to delve into how we support the whole child, we look at Bravehearts, a personal safety education program that we use with our students. Also, hear from Mrs Harvey about Father's Day and some building updates across Primary.

Heathdale flower

Last newsletter you may remember I talked about the Zones of Regulation. We have a few programs or toolkits we use at Heathdale, and Bravehearts is another one used in P-2. Children of God are precious and as Jesus teaches us, we need to take care of them. Sometimes this means making sure we have educated on what is okay and what is not okay. Bravehearts is a personal safety education program that has been professionally developed according to the learning needs of each specific age group and is highly trusted by teachers and parents nationwide. It talks about body safety in a world where we unfortunately need to. This is not the world God intended, but as educators, we are tasked with ensuring child safety is our number one priority. You can find more information online or by talking to your homeroom teacher. If you would like some guidance about body safety and how to discuss this informally with your child, please download this resource.

Fathers’ Day

Fathers’ Day is also just around the corner. We have a perfect example in God the Father and as we are all made in His image, let us celebrate the wonderfulness of this. In the business of life, sometimes it is hard to produce ideas so I hope this brochure from Focus on the Family may give some fresh ones. For many, Fathers’ Day is a delight; for some, it is a difficult day. We are happy to celebrate all the special men and father figures in the students' lives who contribute to them growing and the delightful people they already are.

Primary Building Updates

As you may have observed from a distance, work is progressing well on the new 1-2 Building. It is looking stunning, and we can’t wait to move into it next year! Praise God for the safety of all in this project and the exciting times ahead.

You may have noticed that excavators are now doing work at the edge of the oval and ELC gravel carpark. This work is to facilitate the installation of large underground water tanks in the gravel carpark area, and to modify the footprint of the gravel carpark so we can accommodate the playgrounds and outdoor spaces that will be provided for our students.

As a result of these works, the ELC gravel carpark will be closed to all staff and parents from Monday 5 September, and will remain closed until the completion of the project. We do apologise for the inconvenience and know the car parks are often full. However, this short-term pain is to make way for 2023 when parking should be a lot easier with new car parks.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and prayers to keep everyone safe as it is so busy and there are little lives walking in the school.