Heathdale flower 08th June 2023

Introducing Our Year 9 Leadership Team for 2023

After a long application process, we are pleased to announce our Year 9 Leadership Team in the areas of Art, Service and Sport.

Heathdale flower

I am proud to introduce to you our 2023 Year 9 Leadership team. The process was a bit delayed because of the events of Term 1, but we have now finally concluded our application process and have our new team.

It was quite a long application process for them all. The 40 applicants had to;

- Get a teachers reference for applying;
- Write an application letter responding to questions I had asked;
- Go through a vetting process where all 7-9 Staff were given the chance to pass on feedback; and
- Sit a 10-minute interview with myself where I grilled them with questions on culture and how Year 7-9 can become a better experience for everyone.

To say the quality was high would be an understatement. We have incredible students at our school, with extraordinary talents that God has blessed them with. For this reason, announcing the positions is bittersweet. All of the applicants are leaders and could be excellent 7-9 leaders with coaching and opportunity. However, I can only have 18 and so I needed to say no to 22.

Congratulations to the following students who make up our Year 9 Leadership Team for 2023. The three categories for leadership and their representatives are:


Katherine B.
Sam T.
Clark H.
Steph G.
Aloka R.
Khyathi A.


Haniel G.
Katarina K.
Naarah L.
Hasti M.
Channel M.
Aaron G.


Aditri S.
Francis P.
Lyla P.
Elena G.
Shreya S.
Vivan K.

Art Leaders
Service Leaders
Sport Leaders