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Introducing our Melton Student Leaders!

Get to know our new Student Leadership Team across Primary and Secondary at our Melton campus.

Heathdale flower

Congratulations to all students who have been appointed into leadership roles in 2024!

Learn more about the process for becoming a student leader and hear directly from some of our new leaders below.

Secondary Student Leadership Team

Students applied for various roles described, and staff relevant to the leadership areas interviewed students about their applications. That information was submitted to our core Secondary Coordinators team. From there, the Secondary Coordinators discussed and then presented a list to the Principal and Deputy Principal for their final determination before being announced early this year.

Assembly Captains: Andre F, & Lois P.
Arts Captain:
Georgia Lumley & Ashlan E.M.
Community Captains:
Laura Cook, Martha Y., Matteo C.t & Riley W.
Wellbeing Captains:
Phoebe Z. & Navrajvir K.G.
Sports Captains:
Jye S., Lana v.d.W, Jerone V. & Marlia-Joleen B.
AV Technician Leader:
Callum S.

“I am in Year 8, and this is my second year at Heathdale. My favourite subject is Maths because it is the subject I excel in. My favourite thing about Heathdale is the God-centred community we have. I really enjoy how we start off every day with a devotion and how teachers and students are really God-focused with a passion to win more souls for Jesus. As a Sports Captain, I would like for the Melton campus to have more House sporting events, such as House Soccer or House Basketball, to complement our Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. I would also like to see more of the Heathdale Cup, which I think is a major success. The Heathdale Cup allows both campuses to engage with each other through sport and breaks the barrier of the physical distance between campuses. As we are celebrating 10 Years in Melton this year, I am most excited about looking at our beginnings as a campus and seeing how much we have grown as a community through God’s work.” Jerone, Sports Captain

“I have been at Heathdale since Year 7, and my favourite subject currently is Art. My favourite thing about Heathdale is the supportive teachers who are always up for a chat and ready to help us. As a Wellbeing Leader in 2024, I would like to improve the sense of belonging and help each student understand that they can feel like they belong and be themselves at Heathdale.” Phoebe, Wellbeing Captain

“I have been at Heathdale since the start of Term 2 of 2023 and am in Year 9 this year. My favourite subject is English because I have found it interesting learning about the German Holocaust as well as the director's intentions in a film we are currently studying. I love the community aspect at Heathdale and how kind and supportive all the teachers and students are. In my role as a Community Captain, I would love to help make our school environment more welcoming and for everyone to feel accepted. In celebrating 10 Years in Melton this year, I am excited about learning the difference between when the school first opened and what we have grown to be today.” Riley, Sports Captain

Secondary Student Leadership Team

Primary Student Leadership Team

Year 6 students of 2024 were invited to apply for one of the leadership positions, with the exception of the four House Captains. Many students applied for the leadership positions by submitting a written application at the close of the 2023 school year. The House Captain positions were open to Year 5 students only.

The Year 5 and Year 6 teachers, along with Ms. Joanne Dixon, the Years 3-6 Coordinator, convened in Term 1 and considered all of the student applications for each of the leadership roles. The successful applicants were announced at a Year 3-6 Assembly in Term 1.

Community Captains: Lily H. & Hanna V.
Sports Captains:
Jagga K. & Tyson P.
Assembly Captains:
Aarian B. & Isabella B.
Academic Captains:
Daniella G. & Adele L.
Arts Captains:
Olivia B. & Dilreet D.
Environment Captains:
Sarah G.C. & Jerusha D.
Wellbeing Captains:
Caileen N. & Clare A.

House Captains
Naomi L. & Kelvin V.
Isaac C. & Nithya S.
Elijah M. & Kaitlyn B.
Namya P. & Alijah J.

“I'm most excited about all the quality time I get to spend with my peers and teachers, as well as the upcoming challenges of being a student leader. As a student leader, I want to make a wonderful impact! I want to be an amazing role model and show everyone that it's a blessing to be at this school. As we celebrate 10 Years in Melton, I'm excited to see the growth in Heathdale and how much things have progressed. The growth in the classrooms, in people's attitudes and in the community is amazing. I think it's incredible that Heathdale has come this far and that so many people have put effort into making this school a better place each year.” Daniella, Academic Captain

"The most exciting thing for me this year, being the last year of primary, is spending time with the Primary teachers and students. Secondary will be a new chapter of my life with new challenges, so I want to cherish every last moment of Primary and live this year to the fullest. I love many things about Heathdale, especially the teachers who spend hours building our knowledge and helping us learn, and the amazing students. I hope to make a positive impact by helping children with their difficulties, whether physical or mental. As a Year 6 student, I am proud to celebrate the first decade of Heathdale’s Melton campus. This milestone is precious to me, and I am excited to see the campus grow even more through the years while I am part of it." Caileen, Wellbeing Captain

“This year, I am excited for all the activities that Lily and I can plan for all of Primary as Community Captains. What I love about this school is how we have such a loving and caring school community, and especially the amazing teachers. This year, I hope to change our school community in a good way by inspiring other kids to care for the school community and the one they live in. An example is by donating money to people all around the world who are suffering. For Melton’s 10th year, I'm excited to see how much the school has grown.” Hanna, Community Captain

“In my last year of Primary school, I'm most excited about getting my Year 6 t-shirt and having people sign a teddy bear at the end of the year. As a Community Captain, I am excited to inspire others and be seen as a leader. I love how much our teachers care for us and make sacrifices so we can enjoy school and participate in fun activities. This year, as a leader, I want to help make students feel appreciated, loved and safe. I am also looking forward to celebrating Heathdale Melton's 10th year with special events, assemblies and discussions about Jesus and the amazing things He has done.” Lily, Community Captain

“The most exciting thing about my last year of Primary School so far is that I’m able to take care of my Prep buddy. I love being able to look after someone who still has many years of Primary School left and to help them enjoy it as much as I have. As an Assembly Captain, I want to impact the school by being a good example to all students and always upholding the Christian values of the school. I’m most excited to be a part of Heathdale Melton’s 10th year. I’m proud and grateful to have been part of this school for the past five years and to have watched it thrive and grow, along with all of my friends.” Isabella, Assembly Captain

“I am most excited to continue my academic journey, as Heathdale offers the chance to further your knowledge through extra academic activities such as the math extension group. My favourite thing about Heathdale is the many learning experiences and opportunities they provide. Heathdale offers excursions to expand our knowledge of key concepts learned in the classroom and numerous opportunities to participate in sporting and academic events. As a House Captain for Carey, I’d like to see Heathdale’s Melton Campus primary students participate in more House activities and encourage healthy competition between peers. I am most excited to watch the campus thrive and flourish as we grow and develop in God’s timing.” Kelvin, Carey House Captain

“My personal favourite thing about Heathdale is the playgrounds. The impact I would like to have on the school while I am a leader is to help people in need. My favourite thing about Melton campus is that I have been at this school for almost 5 years.” Alijah, Taylor House Captain

Primary Student Leadership Team

Year 2 House Captains

Year 1 students were asked to nominate themselves to be the Year 2 House Captains at the end of 2023. Their applications, along with discussions with teachers, assisted in choosing these students to be leaders in the Prep – Year 2 area.

Carey: Addie T. & Simon Z.
Sofia A. & Garv K.
Gabriella A. & Ethan V.
Gauvi S. & Illija K.

Year 2 House Captains