Heathdale flower 07th November 2019

Introducing Our 2020 College Captains

Our College Captains for 2020 are…

Heathdale flower

Over the past two weeks, the Head of Senior School Graeme Hallett, the Head of Middle School Deborah Letcher, and I, have held the 2020 School Captain interviews. A total of 11 students applied for these roles and a strong theme that emerged from this year’s interviews was the students’ appreciation of the encouragement and positive examples they have been blessed with – from our students, our staff and our previous School Captains. They recognise this was an ‘investment’ in them and they expressed their desire to help build our community as a result.

After much discussion, reflection and prayer we are pleased to announce that:

Danielle Cook and Riley White will be the 2020 School Captains

Alexander Richardson and Miquette Van Dam will be the 2020 Vice-Captains

(l-r) Alex Richardson, Riley White, Danielle Cook & Miquette van Dam

The 2020 Captains were announced by our current 2019 Captains earlier today. We would like to thank all the students who took the time to apply, every one of them is a credit to our community. We’re incredibly excited about this new group of leaders and their heart for serving our community. “One of the things the Captains did really well this year was connecting with everyone,” noted Miquette. “Visiting our Melton campus and Junior and Middle school. The biggest thing our team could achieve next year is getting into every part of the community and giving them the opportunities we had as we grew up in Heathdale.” It was lovely to see the thought that had gone into the application process, Danielle had been considering this since Year 6, but had a lot of questions leading up to her application. “I just felt God was telling me it was something I should do and that there was a position for me,” she eventually realised. Riley was particularly impressed by the way the Captaincy helped shape this year’s group of leaders. “The way they’ve grown throughout the year,” he pointed out. “The opportunities they’ve had to speak publicly and connect with people is what I want to do as School Captain.” When asked about the hopes for the community, Alex hoped the leadership team, “can bring the community together, serve and connect with everyone. To be really effective and useful for the school.” Please join with me as we pray for Danielle, Riley, Miquette and Alex as they take up this leadership responsibility.