Heathdale flower 08th March 2024

Into the Wild at Year 4 Camp

Experience the thrill of adventure, teamwork and initiative as you read about how the Year 4 students from our Werribee campus embarked on their first overnight camp at PGL Adventure Camp!

Heathdale flower

In Week 5 of Term 1, Year 4 classes from our Werribee campus embarked on their first overnight- stay camp at PGL Adventure Camp, Campaspe Downs, Kyneton.

The short bus ride was full of very excited children. When we arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff, had some snack and were given a tour of the large campgrounds. To the children’s delight, kangaroos were spotted on the oval! After enjoying lunch, the children were assigned to mixed activity groups and the adventures began. Over the two days, we enjoyed rock climbing, archery, team initiative games and the flying fox.

The sensory trail was an exciting challenge, as students worked together to complete a trail with goggles, so they had no sense of sight! It was designed to help them understand the importance of each of the five senses, this was very funny for teachers and parent helpers to watch!

Aeroball was another favourite activity. It is a cross between trampolining, basketball and volleyball. The aim was to get the ball in the opposing player’s net. As well as being lots of fun, the students developed team tactics and improved communication skills along the way.

Possum Gliding was super fun as the students on the ground pulled on a rope, raising the participant almost 8 metres off the ground and up into the tree canopy! This activity was designed to put the students outside their comfort zone as they swung around freely. It also encouraged communication and teamwork amongst the rest of the team.

After dinner we enjoyed more team building activities Splash and Whacky races. Impersonations of teachers was a highlight. At supper time, the students were entertained by surprise artists – Heathdale’s own Taylor Swift (Mrs Dent) and her back up dancer (Mr Whelan) as they made the students laugh with their rendition of “Shake It Off.” Finally, it was time for bed.

The next morning we awoke to a fresh, cool morning and the lake was a beautiful reminder of God’s creation with a mist. After breakfast Mr Haworth encouraged us with a devotion to GROW as we were challenged and enjoyed the day’s activities. We enjoyed a second day full of fun activities.

Unfortunately, due to an increased fire threat nearby, it was decided that we head home early after dinner, and all enjoyed a lovely night’s rest in their own beds!

We are looking forward to a ‘make -up camp activity day’ later in the year, details will be announced soon! We thank God for His protection and comfort to us all.