Heathdale flower 22nd June 2023

Inspiring artists and a Semester send-off!

Last issue we looked at libraries, this time our amazing art department is on show as the nurture our year P-6 children’s artistic talent and God-given creativity.

Heathdale flower

In the last newsletter, we showcased our Library across K-6. I'd like to give some information about other subjects in the coming weeks. In this newsletter, I would like to showcase our art department.

In P-6, Mrs Ribarsky teaches art for P-2 children and Mrs Therik for Years 3-6 children.

Mrs Ribarsky also majored in Art at University and loves sculpture and junk art. She also likes drawing and painting. In P-2, the children focus on the elements of art and how to choose colour. They look at lines, patterns, portraits, still life, landscapes and gardens. Mrs Ribarsky says how much the children enjoy painting. The children have looked at Wayne Thiebaud, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Mrs Ribarsky believes God is very creative, and he has put that into us to make life a little better and more enjoyable. She loves the new art room with all the space, light, resources, and room to move.

Mrs Therik (nee Anderson) has been teaching at the College for 19 years and majored in Art at University. She especially loves working with clay. In years 3-6, the children focus on watercolour, collage, mixed media, ink painting, dry pastels, quilling and embossing. The children explore artists, illustrators and authors for inspiration, such as Pete Cromer, Pauline Baynes, Erin Hanson, and Claude Monet. Children discover how God is the creator of works of beauty and try to create pieces demonstrating His workmanship. You will see many pieces of the children's artwork around the college.

Amara (4E) says she loves art and crafts and making shapes with paper. Grace (4E) says she also likes art and wants to do more when she does something she is proud of.

To help you discuss some of your children's art pieces, here is a summary of those they are gaining inspiration from.

Pete Cromer
- a contemporary Australian artist based in the Otways inspired by the personalities of people and wildlife.
Pauline Baynes
- An English illustrator who illustrated for the Chronicles of Narnia and Watership Down.
Erin Hanson
- An American artist who is known for her painting style of open impressionism.
Oscar-Claude Monet
- a French painter and the founder of Impressionism.
Morton Wayne Thiebaud
- an American painter known for colourful works of commonplace objects.
Pablo Picasso
- a Spanish painter who lived in France and is most known for his pieces of cubism.
Andy Warhol
- An American visual artist known for his pop art, mainly of famous people.

God gives us many gifts and beautiful art to look at. Please enjoy the art that we have up around the college. The art teachers change the displays regularly - who knows what you will see next.

As we draw close to the end of Semester 1, you should have a good idea of your child's learning from their reports. If you have any concerns, please email your teachers.

Thank you for a beautiful Semester - let's do it all again next term!