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How to Help Your Child Transition at School

With our first class of Year 7s starting next year at Melton, and our Preps preparing for their first day of school at both campuses, there's plenty of transition happening. Here's some tips on how to prepare your child.

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Last week we had our first Year 7 orientation day. We also had a meet-and-greet day for five new teachers transitioning in Melton in 2020. And… we’re on the second round of our Prep orientation days and have many new students starting next year.

It is exciting times, but they are also challenging and nerve-wracking for students and their parents. Even for our new and existing staff.

All children will face a transition to a new school at some point. Whether it’s going from childcare to Kinder, Kinder to Prep, making a leap into a Secondary campus, or shifting states or countries. This may be planned or brought on by the circumstances of life. Regardless of the circumstances for transitioning almost all children take some time to adjust to the change. This can bring on excitement, anticipation, curiosity, worries and social and academic concerns. Leaving behind other friends can also inevitably lead to trepidation about whether the child will be socially included.

A successful transition involves adjustment for the child and the parent and at our school we aim to make these transitions as smooth as possible. We will ensure we create a welcoming environment with teachers and staff who care about you and your child. We will also help your child in learning routines, forming friendships and learning school routines and catching up on any missed work.
Other ways in which parents can be of help are:

- Provide as much information to the school as possible about your child’s experiences, strengths, fears and challenges.
- Maintain a good routine and predictability with a belief that all change can be managed.
- Talk to your child as much as possible about what will happen and what has happened each day.
- Talk positively about the school, teachers and other children – talk about the good differences between schools.
- Prepare them at home so they have everything they need and the correct uniform.
- Arrange play dates with new friends.
- Go through the school’s expectations and website so your child knows what to expect.

Above all, talk to us. Work as a partnership with us – it is better we have more information, so we can cater for their educational needs. We want our school environment to be filled with love and laughter, where children are happy to be every day for the next stage of their life.

P.S. It is completely okay as a parent to be anxious, too – our teachers have lots of boxes of tissues to share with you when you wave your happy child into the classroom.