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How to Gain Real-World Qualifications During VCE

Undertaking Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Secondary means you don’t have to wait till you finish school to begin building your real-world qualifications. Learn about our VET offerings at Heathdale and how it can benefit your child!

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VET in Schools means you don’t have to wait till you finish school to begin building your real-world qualifications.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is designed to provide students with specific competencies and work skills across a range of industries. Most commonly provided by TAFEs and other RTOs, we often think of VET only in terms of post-school or adult education. However, VCE has the flexibility to allow schools to offer their students VET subjects in the senior years of Secondary.

A specific range of VET certificates can be taken as VCE-VET subjects in schools and a VET certificate completed during Years 10-12 can provide credit towards a VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM). Students successfully undertaking a VCE-VET subject, usually over two years, gain both the nationally recognised certificate (e.g. Cert III in Hospitality) and VCE students who also undertake the assessments and VCE exam in the subject can generate a study score that goes towards their final ATAR. So, it’s a two-for-one subject!

Heathdale offers VET subjects in Secondary in two ways:

- All VCE and VCE VM students can access our six on-campus VCE-VET courses
- VCE VM students may also access the range the of VET courses offered through a cluster association with local schools in our area, providing a very wide range of VET opportunities

To deliver our onsite VET courses, we partner with leading RTOs to deliver the same certificate course that a student would undertake at a TAFE level.

Our onsite VET courses mean all our students have the opportunity to choose:

- VCE VET Laboratory Skills – Cert III in Laboratory Skills
- VCE VET Music (Performance) – Cert III in Music Industry (Performance)
- VET Chinese – Cert III in Applied Languages (Chinese)
- VCE VET Sport and Recreation – Cert III in Sport and Recreation
- VCE VET Creative and Digital Media – Cert III in Screen and Media
- VET Hospitality – Cert II in Hospitality Kitchen Operations

Undertaking VCE VET subjects is another way we encourage our students to explore and develop their God-given potential.