Heathdale flower 01st April 2021

Hot Cross Buns & Cross Country

We've had such a great week from remembering Jesus and what he did on the cross this Easter, to pouring our house energy out at the Cross Country.

Heathdale flower

The week before Easter has been an eventful one. We have had Hot Cross bun deliveries, Egg Decorating competitions, Easter Assemblies and Egg and Spoon races. We even had one special winner. Jazmine R was the recipient of a whole jar of Easter eggs when she correctly guessed how many eggs were in our display jar.

Then, of course, we had our wonderful Cross Country event this week. The Lord was good to us in regards to weather and we went from drizzle to blue skies. Our House and Vice Captains were adorned in their sparkly capes as they set the tone for the day. We had two events for different age groups and each year level ran a certain amount around the pre-determined track. Cross country is an event for everyone. Walking, running or jogging – everyone can participate. Mr Williams outdid himself in his organisation so a huge thank you to him. It was wonderful to have 50 parents on site encouraging the students. Even teachers ran to keep up the house spirit. For the Preps this year we had the Prep buddies from Grade 6 running with them which was highly successful as every Prep child completed the course. A special mention to Mr Carpen — who it seemed could run the track faster and longer than anyone else — who motivated so many students to try their hardest. Next year Parents don’t think you have escaped – we have already started planning a parent race so get in training!

The house winners for the 2021 Cross Country are:

1st - Judson

2nd - Carey

3rd - Stanway

4th - Taylor

The student winners were:

Prep A – Jasper D & Logan S

Prep B – Ava K & Lucas C

Year 1A – Georgia B & Deng T

Year 1B – Emily P & Warabek A

Year 2A - Bebe W & Maximus A

Year 2B - Zaara J & Isaac C

Year 3A - Amyra D & Abhi V

Year 3B - Bella B & Aarian B / Pratham P

Year 4 - Jordin F & Ayden G

Year 5 - Annie P & Jay P

Year 6 - Kashvi G & Michael A

Year 7 - Georgia S & Ashley G

Year 8 - Jasmine P & Isaac F

Also, this week I had the privilege of visiting the Grade 3 classrooms where the children performed a concert for the Grade 2 students. They proudly showed off their new Digeridoos that they have made with the help of Mr Kirkman, Mrs Dixon and Mrs Rossouw. The patterns and sound that has been produced is quite amazing. Many parents assisted students in making these in our open classrooms afternoon and we hope you enjoy proudly displaying these when they come home. Circular breathing seems very difficult but if anyone needs a lesson Mr Kirkman is an expert.

Being back at school for virtually a whole term has been a blessing and I pray that during your parent teacher interviews you have seen how much the students have achieved. So may you all have a wonderful break and remember Christ died so that we might live.